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Charles LaPradd was inducted into the  Hall of Honor at the Dade County Farm Bureau's 44th Annual BBQ and "Fun Raiser." 

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Come into the Dade County Farm Bureau office to get your raffle tickets, or reach out to one of our Board of Directors.

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It's that time of year again! Our Annual BBQ and "Fun Raiser" honoring Miami Dade Agricultural Manager, Charles LaPradd will be held April 27th, 2024. Reach out to members of our Board of Directors or come into the office to get your BBQ and Raffle tickets.

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We are very pleased that the Miami- Dade County Commission did not support the overreaching and egregious ordinance as proposed, and we appreciate every person who reached out to commissioners to voice concerns over its duplicative content. With the legislative item expected to be revisited by the commission in March 2024, the significant impact of this ordinance- to more than 80,000 local outdoor workers, their families, and local businesses- and the need to voice our commitment to pursuing education, training, and best practices programs cannot waiver.

We look forward to collaborating with the commission as it contemplates next steps in the coming months, with the hope of finding a resolution to this ordinance that benefits both employees and employers alike.

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Dade County Farm Bureau wants to congratulate Margaret " Margie" Pikarsky for recently being the recipient of the Florida Farm Bureau CARES (County Alliance Responsible Environmental Stewardship) designation. 

The County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship, or CARES publicly recognizes farmers and ranchers who have voluntarily implemented Best Management Practices, or BMPs, to promote environmentally-sound and economically viable farming practices on our state’s farms.  Public benefits of these conservation practices include open spaces, fresh air, wildlife habitat and water recharge for our aquifers. 

Bee Heaven Farms is a certified organic fruit and vegetable farm located in Redland, Florida.

Bee Heaven Farms has been part of the USDA National Organic Program since 1997 and follows a rigid nutrient and pesticide management plan. Ms. Pikarsky produces compost from plant debris, reusing any waste back on the farm to build the soil.

Drip irrigation is used on vegetable beds and microjet sprinklers are used on avocado groves to maximize water conservation. For soil health and preservation, a no-till system is used along with permeable ground cover to retain soil moisture and reduce soil erosion. Native Vegetation provides a safe environment for birds and pollinators.

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Dade County Farm Bureau attended the Florida Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Orlando last month where they received the 

President's Award for Excellence in Legislative/ Policy Implementation, Public Relations/ Information, Organizational Management, Education/ Agriculture Promotion, Leadership Development and Membership. They also received the coveted Apex Award which is bestowed to the Farm Bureau exhibiting the highest level of innovation program effectiveness, involvement of volunteers, and goal achievements in each of the six membership group sizes.

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Dade County Farm Bureau recently held the 81st Annual Meeting on Oct. 3rd, 2023 where the Carpenter Family was honored as the Farm Family of the year. Kern Carpenter is a third generation tomato farmer. Congratulations, to the Carpenter family.

Dade County Farm Bureau held the 43rd Annual BBQ and "Fun Raiser" Dinner, honoring George Suarez on April 29th. Over 800 members and hometown locals  showed up to enjoy delicious options of prime rib, chicken or pork, with vegetables grown from local farmers. There was something for everyone to enjoy. There were many sponsors who helped make the event a huge success. 

Dade County Farm Bureau's 43rd Annual BBQ "Fun Raiser" raffle winner, Timothy Jones, Pictured with presenting sponsor Everglades Equipment Group's, Homestead Manager, Bobby Doyle and Dade County Farm Bureau's Executive Assistant, Joanne Dean selecting his new piece of equipment.

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Call the office to get your raffle tickets!!! 305.246.5514

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Contact Dade County Farm Bureau to get your BBQ and Raffle tickets ahead of time. This is definitely one event you don't want to miss. Delicious food, fun entertainment and lots of great prizes to win.

Larry Dunagan

Dade County Farm Bureau held our 80th Annual Meeting and Installation on October 4th, 2022 and Recognized the Dunagan Family as Farm Family of the year.



Dade County Farm Bureau started off the Grow season with our fellow agriculture community at the 2022 GrowFest 

at Fruit and Spice Park. South Dade Senior High FFA members were there to assist.

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